Why Choose Us?

Listed below are just a few reasons to choose Industrial Filter & Pump Mfg. Co. as your source for filtration equipment:
  • Over 75 years of experience in fabricating thousands of filters, pumps, clarifiers, and related liquid separation equipment for numerous different applications.
  • Quality unsurpassed by our competitors. We manufacture products that are built to last – — some of our equipment has been in use for over a half century!
  • Service by experienced technicians for start-up and repair.
  • Recognized industry leadership and membership in many local, national, and international trade and business associations.
  • Innovation as evidenced by over 100 U.S. Patents.
  • Custom capabilities allow us to supply equipment tailored to exacting customer needs and specifications.
  • Worldwide distribution through our network of domestic sales representatives, OEM’s, and international licensees.
  • Replacement parts available for virtually every piece of equipment we’ve ever made.
  • Long-term employees who can answer your questions and serve your needs.
  • Self-sufficiency of our company – we fabricate everything under one roof!!!

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